Puberty Wounds

by Puberty Wounds



released October 2, 2015



all rights reserved


Puberty Wounds Columbus, Ohio

"Pissed off, but for a reason."

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Track Name: Resignation
What do I do when it ends? I convince myself it depends on better phrasing, weak excuses; everything I say is useless. My misguided thoughts betray me as all these empty words escape me
What do I do when it ends to alienate all my friends? With every question, I surrender; a victim to my own agenda. There’s nothing left but fear and doubt in everything we talk about
And all of your advice, it isn’t any use. Another big mistake, I welcome the abuse
I don’t want your pity; I’m sick of what you say; I’m watching the expression sliding down your face. It’s weighing down my body, it’s needles in my brain. I’m focused on a feeling and feeling isn’t pain
It’s not pain, it’s nothing
Track Name: Perfect Purgatory
I’m dead, this bed felt warmer before. Your touch, too much I want so much more. What you, said my head’s caught up in a dream; this sex means less than you make it seem. Have fun, I’m done I’m gonna go home; one kiss, just this then leave me alone. This ache, these mistakes we can not resolve as my health and my self begin to dissolve.
These moods, the abuse makes it harder to trust. It feels cheap; I can’t sleep, I can’t seem to adjust. This mess this stress, it’s too much to bare; so give up, get stuck and try not to care.
With your tongue in your cheek, I want it buried beneath; so deep, so deep unable to speak. You’ve got your head in the clouds, you need your feet on the ground. So fall down.
I’m too wasted, I want to go home. I can’t taste it, please just leave me alone. You can’t show me what I already know; I’m too lonely and I’ve got nowhere to go. One lie, one thing I said to myself, “I don’t want you” but I don’t want anyone else. This shame, this game; I can’t make it stop, I just rest my head and let the guillotine drop with two drinks, I think I’m feelin' alright. When you ask me home I think I just might, but this mess this stress it’s too much to bear. I give up, I’ll get stuck and try not to care.
Track Name: C.C.A.S.
it’s not about the proof, I know you understand
you take a piece of this and crush it in your hand
with every comment that you make
my list of grievances gets bigger
I know that you don’t own the gun
but you’re the one who pulls the trigger
your wisdom comes with age, I’d rather keep my youth
if getting older means I’ll just reject the truth
you’re too preoccupied with your apologies
you’ll never live up to your ideologies
but you’re the one who pulls the trigger
you treat community like a novelty
you’re going to fade away into obscurity
you're gonna fade away
Track Name: West Country Nightmare
Sitting in my room; drinking all alone; thinking to myself that I'm the type of person that'll never change, I'm a fucking monster and I'll never change. I blame it on the chemicals in my brain. Waiting for the end; hating what I am; chasing after you, like I'm the type of person you could ever love but nothing that I do is ever good enough and I don't really need another stupid crush.
I'm feeling disconnected but not by a lot; maybe wishful thinking is the only thing I've got. Happiness is such a long shot.
You only feel free when you let yourself go. You make the wrong choices 'cause deep down you know that faith in yourself can never fulfill you, so find what you love and let it kill you.
Track Name: That's Bad
On my street, on my block; we're hounded by the fucking cops. Sorry I'm not rich or boring, can you let me off with just a warning?
Am I holding? Am I selling? Am I convicted felon? Why am I so fucking jumpy after you assault and cuff me?
The thin blue line you claim to walk is just some bullshit frat boy talk. Play yourselves as fucking martyrs while you make our problems that much harder.
Track Name: Slow Apocalypse
I keep consuming whatever I touch
I always dismantle the people I love
ripping and tearing and wearing them out
holding them under the weight of my doubts

I was a glance you should have ignored
I am an island you can not explore
I am the secret you wish you could keep
I am the nightmare you chase in your sleep

What I want, what I love, what I had, not enough
I want more, need much less, can’t fill up the emptiness
Track Name: Ex-Boyfriend Voyeur
he told your mother, he told your dad
he told your brother, it made him mad
he hit my face, he broke my nose
he made some comments about my clothes
he had a tape, he played it back
he added on a special track
of audio, some stupid line
like he had room to criticize
he told your brother, he told your dad
he told your mother it made her sad
to see us both so exposed
he paused the tape, the picture froze

beyond the harsh, reflective glare
he saw us both just lying there
what a creep held back a grade
too fucked up to graduate
after all these years, on the internet
to my surprise a friend request
I read your message, do I accept
“remember me?” how could I forget
Track Name: Punishment Pig
I know how to love
I don’t wanna stop
I just can’t keep up
With whatever I’ve got

The look on your face
The lump in my throat
It takes me to places
I don’t wanna go

And both of us know
It all goes to waste
I pull you in close
Just to sample the taste

It happens again
I’m walking you home
When you ask me in
Just don’t leave me alone
Love me

I know how to love
I don’t wanna stop
I still can’t keep up
With whatever I’ve got

It’s always too late
It’s never enough
My pain takes the shape
Of whatever I touch

The curl of your lip
The smallest mistake
Half-hearted promise
You’ll probably break

You wanna be friends
You wanna have fun
Don’t want it to end
But it’s already done
Track Name: Confessor
It gets worse, I don't know why you keep this poison in your life. What you hate, the things you did; you can't escape the way it is. What can I even fucking do? There's nothing left for me to say. I don't know what happened to you. Is it my fault you went away?
You call yourself a hero; you're just a fucking stiff. You think you made a difference just 'cause you held a bigger stick. You call yourself a hero? Well look what you did. You said this world was gonna change but it was just another trick.
Track Name: Ed Hyde
the darkness within me, I feel like it’s winning
I’m tired of fighting the monster inside me

your wishful thinking makes this worse
you’ll never understand this curse
every encounter takes its toll
it’s getting harder to control

the darkness within me, I feel like it’s winning
your wisdom escapes me and nothing can save me

you feign concern and turn away
you can’t back up the things you say
I place no faith in your advice
you stumble blindly through your life

I am not pure
there is no cure